Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Our Turangawaewae Performance

 "There was a mother and some kids and the Penguin and the lake and some builders. They made a lake for Pepper the Penguin up on the mountain" said Keira Wise

"We made tents out of people and we helped the little Penguin go into a nice little lake just for her. The builders helped" said Frankie Proffit

 "We had to learn how to make diggers and how to make a big lake. We had to hold hands together" said Reilly Topp

 "It's nice doing stuff on the stage and sometimes it's a little bit scary" said Kora Judd

 "It was fun standing up on the stage and talking on the microphone and you will like it" said Archie Grimmer

 "Before the show you get a bit nervous because lots of people will be in front of us" said Liv Carter 

"I liked making the lake by holding hands" said Norah O'Connell

 "I liked making the diggers. The diggers made the lake. Pepper needed a lake to swim in" said Fraser Elder

 "My job was holding the microphone for the people to speak in to. it was a hard job because I needed to stay kneeling for a long time" said Thea Cosgrove

 "My job was one of the speakers. I told the story of Lake Alta" said Cooper Buchanan

 "My job was one the characters, Sam Alta. It was good because I had two kids" said Eoghan Meharg

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